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Coalition Game Studios is a web-based group that provides tabletop game consulting and developing services.  Our mission is to offer professional quality assurance, oversight, and creative collaboration to publishers, small studios, and independent designers.

We have been online since April of 2016, and so far our client volume suggests that we will continue to grow as we move forward.

As such, we are currently looking for a freelance game developer with strong writing experience to join our team.


Key Responsibilities

For the best idea of what you’ll be doing, refer to our service summary.

For our standard services, you will be handling client work orders that generally span four to eight weeks.  Your responsibilities for each of these work orders will include:

  • Coordinating and logging blind focus group playtesting to the client’s indicated session depth
  • Stress-testing to determine a game’s quality and patency
  • Maintaining professional and consistent contact with clients and Coalition administration
  • Working on a deadline
  • Maintaining strict confidentiality to client’s specifications
  • Generating a critical evaluation report that condenses your feedback and notes into structured and actionable insights

Clients may also upgrade to additional services.  You will be aware of these additional services before you agree to take the work order.  These services could include:

  • Playtester survey data entry
  • Prototype mock-up/PnP assembly
  • Ongoing collaborative design partnership
  • Rules manual copy editing, writing

Furthermore, the client may make custom specifications, or request services outside of our normal scope.  This may mean something simple, like targeting a desired demographic in testing, or stress-testing a specific element or interaction.  It could also mean something more complicated, such as marketing research or long-term project management.  These cases are handled on an individual basis–and, again, you would know the details before agreeing to take the work order.


Minimum Qualifications

  • Past experience with published writing (paid preferred)
  • High level of familiarity with tabletop games and design theory
  • Access to multiple tabletop gaming groups, with at least twenty unique individuals, that would be agreeable to play prototype games
  • Past experience with paid tabletop game design and/or development.

Desired Qualifications

  • Established game review persona–copy, podcast, or video
  • Availability to Skype or video stream playtesting sessions with other consultants


Compensation and Benefits

Work orders for our standard services vary widely.  Taking a glance at a client’s micro game may only pay $40, but dissecting Twilight Imperium at our deepest testing levels would be close to $1700.  The fee ultimately depends on the requested testing depth, and the game’s length, projected rules weight, and maximum player count.  Beyond our administrative fee, all payment from the case is yours to keep.

As for benefits, you can expect the following:

  • You set your own schedule–you’ll never be forced to take on any clients that you can’t or don’t wish to take.
  • You will know the details and synopsis of each work order before you elect to take it.
  • You get to play games.  And you get paid to do it.

How to Apply

For any inquiries, please contact me directly at  Make sure to include:

  1. Your CV, with emphasis on your experience in the game industry
  2. An attachment or link to a sample of your writing.

Thank you very much for considering, and we look forward to hearing from you,

Michael Mihealsick
Founder, Senior Consultant


  1. Hi guys, I saw this requirement and I don’t meet particularly this request. Mostly because I never publish any game and some of the main requirements are not (for now) part of my life. I’m a CTO from a Pipe Manufacturing company. Yeap, real life experience in games:0. But, why I’m willing to send you this message. Because I have a hardcore experience in prototype process. Developing games for people and for me. If you are considering offering a pro Spanish games test I can give you a hand. I suffer the Spanish version of some games and I finally try to get the English version of the game. It seems that the translation of the components and specially manuals to my language is made by a robot. My name is Pablo Guevara, I’m 38, married and with two lovely princesses and what I can tell you that I’m a game fan, Also I have a degree in Computer Programming Science and I love IA and Game Theory. That’s why I came to six different games design made by me and is because I travel a lot and is a very lone life, so I manage to create a lot of solo games in the ones that doesn’t have this as part of the main offer. Using a lot of IA and NPC. Hope we can talk about this in a chat or something. I’m from Argentina by the way.

    I have a great experience in writing. I’d write all the documentary of the company that i work for, in two magazine i wrote more than 20 articles. About presentation, obe the best works was this and i speak in some conferences in USA, Germany, United Emirates, India and China. No games related 😀

    Thanks for your 2 minutes.

    Regards, Saludos!

    Pablo Guevara

    • Hey Pablo, thanks for the suggestion!

      While I think it’s a great idea for the future, we’re not quite ready to start branching out to other languages at this stage in our growth. I’ll keep you in mind when we start to expand more.

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