Great Hook Contest: Winners!

After receiving submissions from 131 different designers, our panel of judges have made some grueling cuts and tough decisions to bring you the winners of the 2016 Great Hook Contest!

It’s been a pleasure reading through all of your amazing ideas.  I hope we have a chance to work with each of you to help bring those ideas to life.

And, without further adieu…


Grand Prize Winner – Jordan and Mandy Goddard’s “Apollo Legacy”

Congratulations!  Jordan and Mandy will receive a free service with us, to include six sessions of logged blind playtesting, our Critical Evaluation Report, an upgrade to our Playtester Spreadsheet, and an upgrade to our Collaborative Design Consulting.

Jordan has given us permission to share his concept and the (non-final) graphic above, illustrated by Justin Van Genderen.  Apollo Legacy presents players with the question, “Can you beat history to the moon?”  Players take the role of the NASA project team in the 1960’s, trying to manage their assets and technologies to reach the moon in as few missions as possible.

We’re looking forward to working with Jordan and Mandy on this beautiful and interesting project!


Runner-Up – Matthew Ramsey’s “Fancy Animals”

Matthew will receive a promo code for a $50 discount on any Coalition service!  Congratulations to you, our team can’t wait to get your game to the table.


Second Runner-Up – TIE!  Dan Hull’s “Newport” and Andy Morris’s “Waste Not, Want Not”

No matter how hard we tried, we couldn’t make the final cut.  Both of these contestants will receive a promo code for a $25 discount on any Coalition service!

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