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What is Modular Game Design? You might have heard of this term before, or seen it floating around on Boardgamegeek’s descriptors.  Fortunately, this is one of the relatively few cases where game vocabulary is comparable to actual vocabulary. Modular design involves building your game of independent parts used together, in different compositions–typically to offer a varying experience from session… Read Article →

Playtesting and iteration–or, updating your prototype to newer versions over time–is absolutely essential to making good games.  As designers, we learned that lesson the very first time we inflicted our first game upon our friends and families. Regardless of how important we all know this process is, one of the most common trappings I see newer… Read Article →

  For those unfamiliar, the Quantic Foundry, partnered with Coalition Game Studios, has conducted a survey to determine what motivates tabletop players in gameplay.  You can learn more about the survey from this blog post by Quantic Foundry co-founder Nick Yee, or just take the survey yourself to see what it’s all about. Today, let’s talk about just one… Read Article →

Donald Dennis with the On Board Games podcast was kind enough to invite me on to his show to talk about our services, our evaluation process, and some of our upcoming projects. Enjoy!

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