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Monthly Archives: June 2016

  We’re proud to announce The Quantic Foundry’s Tabletop Gamer Motivation Pilot Survey, sponsored by Coalition Game Studios. Here’s a quick blurb from the QF to understand what this Pilot Survey is and what it means:   Help Us Create a Tabletop Gamer Motivation Profile Take a survey (5-10 minutes) and we’ll use the data to create… Read Article →

You can probably just skip this next explanatory section by watching the video.  There’s nothing anyone can teach you about this world that Rodney can’t teach you 100x better (and with 100x more Canada). Quadropolis is a Q2 2016 Days of Wonder release where players are city-level managers building square buildings in a square district over the… Read Article →

Why do we play games? If your mother was at all like mine, you’re intimately familiar with this question.  Why are you always playing these games? As anyone that’s ever owned a puppy can tell you, we’re not the only ones that play.  Oddly enough, the reason why is still a bit of a mystery… Read Article →

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