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It’s up to you to create an experience for the audience. This involves grabbing the audience’s attention and taking them down the tracks on a roller-coaster ride, but also making sure your technical craft is up to speed so as not to disturb the illusion.  When it’s over, you want your audience to feel like… Read Article →

Go look at your game shelf.  How many games could you pull out at game night and start teaching without having to reference the rules?  At least a few, right?  Of the 134 titles on my shelf at the time of this writing, I could probably shred 59 rules manuals and never miss a thing…. Read Article →

For those unfamiliar, Munchkin is a widely recognized card game from Steve Jackson Games.  Originally released in 2001, this cash cow has spawned literally dozens of variations and expansions, and it’s popularity is still running strong fifteen years later.  Its first form was humorously themed after fantasy tropes–particularly those common during tabletop RPG sessions–but it… Read Article →

Hello, Coalition! As some of you may have noticed, our site is going through some changes.  As we approach full launch in July, we’re working hard to provide better, more specific services to our clients. Some of the changes you’ll find in v0.2: A new home page that more accurately outlines our services  New customizable… Read Article →

Social anxieties are different from introversion or from being shy, and they’re far from imaginary. When an anxiety disorder is triggered acutely–socially or otherwise–the human body’s sympathetic nervous system experiences a sharp, physiologically measurable stimulation. What does that mean? It means that when someone’s anxiety triggers, they feel an actual fight or flight response. For those… Read Article →

What is a Legacy game? Maybe you’ve heard the buzz.  There’s certainly been plenty of it.  From Ars Technica to NPR, the media can’t stop showering attention on these Legacy games.  Maybe you’ve even seen Pandemic Legacy topping the Boardgamegeek Top 100 Strategy Games by a fairly significant margin.  So, what makes these games so special?… Read Article →

What is player scaling? The term “player scaling” describes developers’ efforts to ensure a game is a suitably satisfying experience at each individual player count.  Scaling is typically a purely mechanical undertaking, but is a necessary consideration in any game–not just for games with a heavier procedural focus.  It is an unfortunate reality that many inexperienced game designers… Read Article →

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