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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Coalition Game Studios soft-launched its open beta just over 24 hours ago, and the response has been overwhelming. I’m proud to announce that we have been contacted by multiple clients in the USA, UK, and even one in Greece. The team is really looking forward to digging into some fresh prototypes. I’d like to extend a… Read Article →

What is the difference between a Euro and an Ameritrash game? Spend any amount of time reading up on board gaming, and you’ll come across two terms–Euro and Ameritrash (or, for the politically correct, Amerithrash).  Look a little longer, and you’ll find that it’s not exactly easy to pin down a definition for either.  Even in… Read Article →

What is Theme? In film and literature, a work’s theme is the unifying idea behind it–typically stated indirectly.  For example, if I were to recommend Frankenstein to a friend, I might say, “Frankenstein is a Mary Shelley classic about man’s responsibilities as science progresses.”  I’ve outlined the book fairly accurately, although that statement is never actually… Read Article →

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