Top 3 Games

  • Dixit
  • Game of Thrones (2nd Edition)
  • Keyflower

Mike Mihealsick

Founder, Senior Consultant

Hey guys, thanks for stopping by. This is my project, and I'm absolutely thrilled to see what kind of games you ladies and gentlemen have put together.

I'm currently living in Orlando, Florida, and I'm a full-time game developer and project manager for Quick Simple Fun Games. I'm voluntarily nocturnal, I've been to all six continents that aren't made of ice, and I have an 8-pound Yorkie-mutt named Ser Gregor Clegane.

But there's a question you came here to answer: "Why does this guy think he and his team can make my game better?"

I know we can.

I've been a tabletop gamer all my life, but I first decided I wanted to take my game to the next level in the early 2000's. I first qualified for the Magic: the Gathering Pro Tour in 2005, and continued to play there and at various tournament circuits on and off, competing at the game's highest level. I started to transition into board gaming in 2008--Power Grid was my gateway game. I've had the fever ever since, as my boardgamegeek collection (and my terribly unprofessional comments...) show quite plainly.

I began designing my own board games around 2011, and I fell in love with the hobby. I haven't even begun to look for a publisher or crowdfunding for any of the games in my ludography. The best thing about game design, to me, is creating something both mechanical and beautiful that somehow manages to generate a shared experience.

Beyond my own games and those in my local little coven of designers, I've laid my hands and brought my ideas to bear on hundreds of different prototypes, at conventions and gatherings across the United States (and even a few during my summer in Sydney).

In my work with Quick Simple Fun, I've taken the role of managing projects and developing new games. We have a healthy serving of titles in pre-production right now, and I spend my days making those games better. A lot of it is just getting the games ready for production, and coordinating the many teams and individuals that help make each project a reality...but what I love most is rolling my sleeves up and working with designers to make their games the best they can be.

Honestly, I've posted this content to convince you that my team is right for the job, but it shouldn't. Any old ape can say they've tested a million billion games. If you really want to check in on my credentials or make sure that I'm a character who knows his stuff, just read our blog.


Top 3 Games

  • Goa
  • Age of Industry
  • Space Dealer

Gil Hova


Gil Hova is a game designer and publisher living in Jersey City, New Jersey. He has designed everything from word games to strategy games to party games. His games have raised almost $150,000 on Kickstarter to date, including The Networks, a strategy game about running your own television network.

As a kid, Gil wanted to design video games. He got into board games when he wanted a better understanding of game design, and quickly learned he preferred board games to video games. He has been designing games since 2000, with his first published game Prolix coming out in 2010. He founded Formal Ferret Games in 2014 to publish his own designs.


Top 3 Games

  • Fearsome Floors
  • Thebes
  • Libertalia

Geoff Graham


Geoff has a degree in Marketing from The University of South Carolina, where he and Mike became Magic: the Gathering teammates. He grew up playing the Parker Brother’s “classics” and dabbled with Carcassonne and Catan (back when it was still clamoring to be Settled) in college, but the world of board gaming really dragged him in around 2011.

Geoff prefers light weight strategy games such as Alhambra, Kingdom Builder, Carcassonne, and Ticket to Ride, but isn’t afraid of the mid-weights like Castles of Burgundy (which just barely missed the top 3 cut). He is drawn towards games with funny themes, nice artwork, and interesting mechanisms, but he’ll try any game twice.

Geoff started designing his own games in late 2013 and has several games in various stages of the prototype process. He hopes he can apply the lessons he’s learned and the breakthroughs he’s discovered with his own design process to make your game come to life!

Geoff founded CheeseViking Games in 2016 as an effort to finalize at least one of his (or another’s) designs, and plans to go take his first release to the market in 2017. CheeseViking Games is a direct-to-consumer publisher, utilizing crowdfunding and online sales rather than going through the traditional brick and mortar distribution chain. He runs the CheeseViking Games blog where he reviews games, talks about his projects, and has plans to add how to play videos in the near future.

In the real world, Geoff is an Events, Logistics, and Multimedia Project Manager for Hewlett Packard Enterprises. With the Coalition, he'll be coordinating our tester group out of Houston TX, and providing the quality reports you know you can expect.

Reach out at


Top 3 Games

  • Tesla vs Edison
  • Tokaido
  • Fireball Island

John "Hex" Carter

Senior Web Developer

John, or Hex to those in the know, is a professional web developer living in Orlando, Florida with his wife and rambunctious daughter. A former California native that longs for the Pacific, Hex is also a self-published author, on-again-off-again artist, and soon-to-be-professionally-published game designer with his game design company Screech Dragon Studios.

Growing up with a fascination to board games, that passion transferred to video games with a desire to get into the video game industry. After working on a Computer Science degree and a less than lackluster attempt to break into the industry, Hex eventually turned his eyes back to the source of the love of gaming - tabletop. He currently helps coordinate a community for game designers in the Orlando area as a chapter of the SUP Guild.

A serial entrepreneur, Hex lunged at the opportunity to be involved with the ground level of Coalition when first approached by Mike. Contributing his efforts both as a game consultant and with his years of experience in web development, Hex is proud to be a part of the Coalition team.

You can reach out at


Top 3 Games

  • Castles of Burgundy
  • Scythe
  • 7 Wonders

Maria Olga Raimondo


Maria Olga is a game developer from Thessaloniki, Greece. She has been playing games at the tabletop from a young age. She even learned to read before going to school, just so she could play The Mysteries of Peking with her brother and cousin.

She decided to pursue a career in board games, and co-founded Purple Games in 2013. In her company's three-year run, she playtested and evaluated countless games, and successfully brought three of those to life in the European market. She also exhibited her product line at Essen Spiel and many other conventions, and built an impressive network of testers and allies

When she is not playing games, you will find her watching TV or participating in a variety of sports. During daylight hours, Maria Olga is an electrical engineer.


Chris and Susanne Zinsli


Chris and Suzanne are a designer duo hailing from New Jersey. They are best known for their contributions to the designer community through their prolific website, Cardboard Edison.

Beyond their work on Cardboard Edison, the Zinslis are also known widely for their own original games. Tessen was released by Van Ryder Games in 2013, and Dubai and Sultana are currently in pre-production.

They've also recently ventured into publishing with their first kickstarter release in Cobras, which was brought to life in 2016 with the help of 556 backers.

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