Logged Blind Playtesting

This is the foundation for all of our services. After filling out our questionnaire and getting the ball rolling, we put our network of playtesters to work at the depth you request.

Included with each level of service, you'll receive our blind playtesting log. This log includes basic information about the playtesting sessions--date, number of players, and length of play.

Most importantly, we will work with you to fit our playtesting process to your needs. If your game has variants, or if you are interested only in input from a certain audience, or if you want a very specific number of sessions at a given player count, your consultant will be glad to make sure your needs are met. (Be advised: some custom playtesting goals may require adjusted rates).

Critical Evaluation Reporting

Personalized Evaluation Reports

Drawing on our observations and trends in feedback across our focus groups, your consultant impartially analyzes your prototype in a Critical Evaluation Report (CER). We assess your game across the Coalition Game Studios Six Pillars of Game Design:

  • Mechanical Patency - An assessment of a game's systems, and their ability to facilitate the experience
  • Thematic Index - A measure of a game's context as compared to its intended experience
  • Replayability and Value - An assessment of a game's ability to provide continuing consumer satisfaction
  • Time Index - A measure of game's actual/perceived length as compared to its experience
  • Density Index - A measure of a game's weight and complexity, and how they compare to its depth
  • Originality - A measure of a game's "hook," or its ability to provide a distinctly desirable experience

Rules Manual Editing

Poorly written rules can ruin your chances of a publisher even considering your prototype. Give your game a fighting chance with our rules manual services.

Freelance copy editing is easy to find, but a professional copy editor that has personally playtested your game and understands it down to its bones is an undeniably valuable asset. Make the most powerful first impression you can on your potential publisher, reviewers, crowdfunders, and eventually your customers with a quality rules manual.

We offer scaling services to bring your rulebook from any level up to industry standard--fees vary per word depending on the level of required revision. Whether you only need a touch up or if you’d like us to write your manual from scratch, our editor will work with your case on an individual basis

Our goal in rules editing is client satisfaction, and we don't take a break until you're happy with your game's manual. We encourage you to engage in evolving dialogue with your editor so that we can shape the document to meet your specifications. Don't worry: we charge by the final word count, not by the hour

Rules manual services do not include graphics. Content and light formatting only. See provided example for reference.

Collaborative Consulting

We take our service another step and actually commit to joining you in the creative process.

You receive a diagnostic report that includes a detailed breakdown of specific problems that we've observed or anticipate in your game, explaining the game theory behind our assessments. Furthermore, for each indicated problem, we propose possible solutions to correct these deficiencies. A board game can be a delicate thing, and the effects of a single revision can change the entire product in unexpected ways. For this reason, we offer as many alternate suggestions to correct each issue we perceive, so that you can use our input as a tool to guide your prototype to its final iteration.

This service doesn't just end with you receiving your report. In fact, you're encouraged to continue collaborating with your analyst. However, we do ask our analysts to limit these collaborations only to the specific iteration of your game that you submitted, departing only in the hypothetical.

The diagnostic report is our most intensive and highly recommended service, a necessity for designers that are serious about breaking into the industry.

Playtester Data Survey Spreadsheets

Information is the core of playtesting. Our spreadsheets can give you meaningful data to more exactly pinpoint your game's strengths and weaknesses. Each unique playtester fills out a simple survey, and we crunch the numbers to bring you not just the raw details, but also trends across several axes.

Any level playtesting depth

  • Overall average experience satisfaction
  • Average experience satisfaction (winners vs non-winners)
  • Overall average balance satisfaction
  • Average balance satisfaction (winners vs non-winners)
  • Overall average thematic satisfaction
  • Overall average complexity satisfaction
  • Overall average length satisfaction
  • Overall average willingness to play again
  • Overall average willingness to purchase

"Deep" level testing and higher

All satisfaction trends sorted by age group and gender

"Exhaustive" level testing and higher

**All satisfaction trends sorted by player psychographics (gamer individuation based on motivations and gratification in gameplay)

Best of all? This is only the beginning. Your consultant will work with you to formulate additional questions for the survey based on your individual playtesting goals. We'll even have our marketing specialists think up ways we can use the data from your custom questions into even more meaningful trends and graphs.

Mock-Up Assembly

Is your prototype one-of-a-kind? Are you shying away from international shipping? Not to worry. For a flat rate lower than even domestic shipping, our team of designers and playtesters will put together a testable prototype based on your specifications.

For specific and unique components--especially game boards, cards, and custom dice--please be prepared to send any images and documents by email that you feel may be necessary for us to recreate your prototype.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer our assembly service for every game. For dexterity games, games with mechanically significant art or graphics (that do not have PnP files), and in other similar cases, you will have to mail us a copy.

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