How does your billing work?

Once you submit a questionnaire for your free estimate, let the associate know you'd like to continue with the service, and you will be invoiced for 25% of the estimate as a down payment. This lets us know you're serious about taking your game to the next level.

When our team finishes its analysis and reports, we'll send your final invoice. The number in this invoice may vary from your estimate, as our scaling is based on the average game length in our playtesting logs, as well as the word count of your rules manual (increased or decreased by up to 2,000 words at the discretion of your analyst in cases where the rules manual you submitted is not a representative of your game's weight).

Your final invoice will be prorated in the amount of your down payment. Once you've paid via Paypal or Google Wallets, you will receive your reports by email within 24 hours.

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Billing Table

Logged Blind Playtesting
  • (Depth Base Rate+P) x (1+L+W)
  • Singleton (1 session) - $29
  • Impressionary (3+ sessions) - $59
  • Exploratory (6+ sessions) - $89
  • Deep (10+ sessions) - $129
  • Exhaustive (15+ sessions) - $179
  • P = (Number of max players beyond the fifth x 5)
  • L = (average game length / 60)
  • W = (rules manual word count / 10,000)
Critical Evaluation Report (CER) FREE with "Exploratory" or deeper playtesting
Playtesting Logs FREE with any service
Collaborative Consulting $59
Playtester Survey Data Spreadsheet $10 ("Exploratory" or deeper playtesting recommended for more meaningful data)
Rules Manual Editing $0.01 - $0.035 per word
Mock-up Assembly $10
Rules Manual Digital Transcription Fee (if no digital rules or word count available) $10
Playtester Confidentiality Contracts $10 (you provide the contracts)
First Ten Custom Survey Items FREE
Additional Survey Items $20 for every 20 custom questions beyond the tenth.
Blind Rules Manual Testing $20/session
Custom Spreadsheet Metrics $20

* All Prices in USD ($)

Playtesting Example Rates



  • Average Length: 0.25 (15 minutes)
  • Projected Weight: 0.1221 (1,221 word count)
  • "Singleton" Estimate: $39.79
  • "Impressionary" Estimate: $80.95
  • "Exploratory" Estimate: $122.17
  • "Deep" Estimate: $177.00
  • "Exhaustive" Estimate: $245.60

Castles of Burgundy

Castles of Burgundy

  • Average Length: 1.0 (60 minutes)
  • Projected Weight: 0.5588 (5,588 word count)
  • "Singleton" Estimate: $74.21
  • "Impressionary" Estimate: $150.97
  • "Exploratory" Estimate: $227.23
  • "Deep" Estimate: $330.08
  • "Exhaustive" Estimate: $458.03

Star Wars: Rebellion

Star Wars: Rebellion

  • Average Length: 3.5 (210 minutes)
  • Projected Weight: 1.0 (10,037 word count)
  • "Singleton" Estimate: $159.50
  • "Impressionary" Estimate: $324.50
  • "Exploratory" Estimate: $489.50
  • "Deep" Estimate: $580.50
  • "Exhaustive" Estimate: $805.50

How does the sliding scale work?

Games come in all shapes and sizes, and it's our mission to bill them all fairly using an airtight system. Unfortunately, this means it's a bit complicated and mathy. To calculate your rate, we take four factors into consideration: your indicated playtesting depth base rate, your player count, your game's average length, and your game's projected rules weight. The three variables in the billing table above (P, L, and W) are calculated as follows:

  • P = (The number of players your game seats beyond the fifth) x 5
  • L = (Your game's average length across our logged playtests, in minutes) ÷ 100
  • W = (The word count of your game's rules manual) ÷ 10,000.

When you get started with your free estimate, our questionnaire will ask you to self-assess your game's weight and length so that we can give you an idea of how much the service will cost (and determine the amount of your deposit). The amount in your final invoice will be different because we use the game length data we've collected in our playtesting logs, plus the final word count in your rules manual. Additionally, we reserve the right to virtually increase or decrease your manual's word count by up to 2,000 words (0.2 coefficient weight) if we feel that the rules manual you've provided is not representative of your game's actual weight.

In the rare occasion that your estimate is more than 10% different from your final invoice, you have the right to cancel the service and receive a full refund of your deposit. It is likely your analyst will realize this disparity early in the process, and you will immediately be notified and given the choice to discontinue the service.

Copy Editing Example Rates

Apples to Apples

Apples to Apples

  • Rules Manual Count: 706
  • Green Level: $7.06
  • Yellow Level: $9.17
  • Amber Level: $11.29
  • Red Level: $14.82
  • Black Level: $24.71

Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride

  • Rules Manual Count: 2047
  • Green Level: $20.47
  • Yellow Level: $26.21
  • Amber Level: $32.75
  • Red Level: $42.98
  • Black Level: $71.64

Blood Rage

Blood Rage

  • Rules Manual Count: 7,059
  • Green Level: $70.59
  • Yellow Level: $91.76
  • Amber Level: $112.94
  • Red Level: $148.23
  • Black Level: $247.06

Writing/Editing Sliding Scale

Rules writing/editing rates scale based on our subjective assessment of its state upon submission. If your manual is closer to industry standard upon submission, you’ll find you’ve been rewarded with a lower copy editing rate. Your service level is determined by the editor.

  • Green Level - $0.01/word - Simple proofreading, minimal editing
  • Yellow Level - $0.013/word - Minor content and format editing
  • Amber Level - $0.016/word - Significant formatting, resequencing, and editing
  • Red Level - $0.021/word - Extensive manual overhaul and rewriting
  • Black Levell - $0.035/word - Writing a rules manual from scratch (Phone/Skype consult required)

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