How It Works

Once you submit the form, you'll receive your estimate within 48 hours. Playtesting begins once we’ve received or assembled your prototype, and you’ll receive your final invoice and reports in 1-4 weeks (depending on game weight, length, and player count).

Try out one of our packages!

"Ready to Pitch"

Expert critique and analysis for games approaching their final iteration.

  • "Exploratory" level playtesting
  • Critical evaluation reports
  • Playtester survey data spreadsheets

"Full Co-Op"

Ongoing consulting and support for games in any stage of development.

  • "Impressionary" level playtesting
  • Collaborative Consulting

"The Number Cruncher"

Exhaustive playtesting and data collection for publishers and studios seeking conclusive marketing data.

  • "Exhaustive" level playtesting
  • Critical evaluation reports
  • Playtester survey data spreadsheets

Get Started

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  1. $5 will be added to your base rate for each player you'd like to test beyond the fifth
  2. In minutes, across all player counts

  3. Playtesting depth denotes the minimum number of times our team will playtest your game. Certain reports require specific minimum levels. The price here is only a base rate. This value is modified to scale with your game's length, rules weight, and player count.

    *Prices are base rates only, to be modified by game length, weight, and player count. Custom rates available by request.

  4. **: "Exploratory" or deeper playtesting is recommended for this service--greater sample size means more meaningful data

  5. Frequently requested custom services include:

    Additional playtester survey items
    Target demographic specifications
    Areas of your game to target for stress-testing
    Long-term game development contracting
    And more!


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